Erk Pod Round Table 9, Part 1 (Sept 2008)

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Richard, Steve

  • Intro to Erk Pod Round Table 9 and panelists
  • The studio is looking rather empty compared to last time
  • Erk has time zone conversion FAIL
  • Richard recently had Drue and Orange Tim on episode 72 of the Wasting Time podcast
  • How Steve found Erk Pod
  • Podcast Awards are now open for nominations
  • Shawno’s nominations for the Podcast Awards
  • Former Green Bay Packer NFL star Quarterback Brett Favre was offered $25 million NOT to play football. He is now playing for the New York Jets.
  • eBay experiences
  • Drue’s massive customer service FAIL
  • Drue’s experiences with mobile interweb
  • The new Google phone is coming to the US
  • Richard and Steve can’t hear Bunny
  • Woman buys a new phone with X rated images on the phone. Woman puts phone on eBay.
  • Be careful when you put your phone in for repairs, people!
  • Drue thinks we need a tank top on the Erk Pod shop
  • Orange Tim, there are baby clothes on the Erk Pod Shop HINT HINT
  • Drue’s Facebook Group has 26 members
  • Drue Promo
  • Still having sound effects FAIL and some audio FAIL
  • Pamela Anderson had to evacuate a hotel without make up after a suspected gas leak
  • More audio FAIL
  • Richard’s hunting Bunny
  • QANTAS commericals
  • Airbus A380 talk
  • Richard’s not a fan of flying and Drue’s never flown
  • Outsourcing various functions
  • Testing trains and planes
  • Fusion Man flies from France to England with rockets on his back
  • Podcast Bingo/Drinking Game
  • Various comparisons between flying and Fusion Man
  • Drue wants to go to the Grand Canyon
  • The Japanese want to build a space elevator
  • Mobile phones on airplanes and in hospitals
  • Will the President of the US get an Airbus A380?
  • Lucky Dip from the Podsafe Music Network: September by Robert Hough



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Duration: 64 minutes

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