Erk Pod Round Table 8, Part 2 (Aug 2008)

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim, Leigh the Voice Over Guy, Big Jay, Richard, Shawno, Jen, Steve, Nathan, Luke

  • Welcome back!
  • Richard wants to send a film crew to Mt Isa
  • Richard’s on call again
  • Has the Governator put all of the Californian wildfires out?
  • Educate Erk: Ranks of the Australian Defence Forces
  • Erk and Richard (former KFC workers) had a chat about the Burger King worker who had a bath in the sink as featured on Hyper Nonsense.
  • Various shenanigans at fast food restaurants
  • Anastacia sends Orange Tim deaf again.
  • At this stage, Erk asks what his score is in the Rank Quiz. Tim thinks Erk is on 1, Leigh and Big Jay says he is on 2. He is actually on 3.
  • Final Scores: Erk 4, Steve 1, Richard 1, Leigh 1
  • Erk needs to be alone to watch the movie “Shortbus” (Google it!)
  • Educate Erk: Where is Georgia?
  • Double Bunny Alert!
  • Educate Erk: Has Erk been educated from previous episodes? Erk’s final score: 7
  • Sand castles
  • Erk’s Waterfall train crash experience
  • Orange Tim, Steve, Richard & Tackleberry packing heat
  • Messages from Vanya
  • Music from the Podsafe Music NetworkEducated Guess by 3rd Man
  • Farewell to Steve. Erk suggests some cars to feature on Some Guys in a car
  • Promo: Ar-kans-us



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Duration: 60 minutes

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