Erk Pod Round Table 4, Part 2 (Apr 2008)

Erk Pod Round Table 4 was recorded on Friday 25 April (ANZAC Day) at the Erk Pod Studio commencing at 2pm Sydney time. Panelists were:

  • Erk (host)
  • Drue (co-host)
  • Orange Tim (Erk Pod Maxi episodes 90, 97 & 98, Erk Pod Round Table debut)
  • Richard, host of the Wasting Time podcast (Erk Pod Round Tables 2 & 3, Erk Pod Maxi episodes 77/78)
  • Tom, host of Podwatch (Erk Pod Round Tables 1 & 2)
  • Jamie the Podmedic, host of the MedicCast (Erk Pod interviewee/interviewer, Erk Pod Maxi 83/84, Round Table debut
  • Squeak (Erk Pod Round Table 1 & 2, various episodes)
  • Nathan (Erk Pod Round Table 2 & 3)
  • Pat aka Mr Westinghouse (Erk Pod Round Table 3)
  • Pete the Workie (Erk Pod Round Table 3)

Topics included:

  • ANZAC Day. Lest we forget
  • Introductions
  • Alligator goes for a ride in a car
  • There are some crap voice impersonations, mostly by Erk (recurring theme)
  • There is an alligator in my kitchen, 911!
  • Hello peanut gallery!
  • Erk Pod on hold
  • When Drunken Jedis attack
  • Lost property
  • Microwaved food
  • Mounties taser man, man catches fire
  • Americans in the 70’s & 80’s (recurring theme)
  • Teenage girls
  • Does Richard like Vegemite?
  • Erk’s Facebook Quiz – the 10 Second Interview
  • Drive Thru stores
  • Speeding
  • Watching Sport on TV
  • The US Presidential Election
  • Brazilian Priest Goes Helium Ballooning
  • Blind man overpowers thief
  • Bamboo Computer
  • An Issue for every day?
  • This episode is a train wreck
  • Nailing intros and talking over music
  • Teenage girl wanted a taxi, got a cabinet
  • Swearing and explicit tags
  • Richard’s rants are coming back!
  • Chicago’s Car Kebab on eBay
  • Twitter and eating cheese sandwiches
  • Facebook now has chat
  • Squeak & Erk talk Gladiators
  • Man falls from bridge onto windscreen of Fire Engine
  • Boring tasks are mind numbing
  • Google Earth
  • Drug advertisements
  • Nasal sprays
  • Mugger licks woman’s toe, gets arrested
  • Erk finds out Richard’s answer to BJ’s proposed road trip to Erk Road, South Dakota
  • Captain Obvious makes a guest appearance
  • Someone else thinks that there is 52 states in the United States
  • Immigrating to Australia
  • Queensland town has problems with spiders
  • Morgues and moving super duper large patients
  • A 10 minute gender re-assignment
  • Looking for Erk & Drue in search engines
  • No one is looking for Drue on search engines then we Google Drue
  • Goodnight, interweb!



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Episode Info

Duration: 67 minutes

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