Erk Pod Round Table 3, Part 4 (Mar 2008)

Welcome to part 4 of Erk Pod Round Table 3 that was held on Saturday 29 March 2008. Thank you to all of our guests who appeared throughout the afternoon/night.

  • Duration: 58 minutes
  • Hosts: Erk & Drue
  • Guests: Leigh the Voice Over Guy, Richard, BJ, Mr Westinghouse, Natalie

Topics in this part included:

  • Natalie on TV
  • The aftermath of the Brisbane streaker at the cricket & Natalie’s first media scrum
  • Behind the scenes at a media scrum and a press conference
  • Going to court for something to do. Drue’s looking for someone to go with him
  • “The Naked News” newsreaders
  • “The Barbie Bandits”
  • Juvenile crime compared to adult crime
  • Erk’s Yes/No Missing Person Quiz – NO GOOGLING!
  • How does the media influence the public
  • Missing persons
  • Parents go away for a weekend away, daughter thinks the parents are dead. Parents show up



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Duration: 58 minutes

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