Erk Pod Round Table 2, Part 2 (Feb 2008)

Erk Pod Round Table 2 was recorded on Saturday 16 February at Nathan’s round table. Panelists were:

  • Erk (host)
  • Drue (co-host)
  • Nathan (venue host)
  • Squeak
  • Richard, host of the Wasting Time podcast
  • Tom, host of the Podwatch podcast
  • BJ calling live from a train
  • Broady calling from the hills of Adelaide

Topics included:

  • Various computer/tech discussions
  • Politicians wages
  • Travel
  • Gun control and massacres
  • Podcasting

Thanks to all the panelists for your time. I hope to be able to repeat it next month! Thanks to Nathan for supplying the venue and the round table. Thanks Richard for supplying the audio after my computer problems.

This is also episode 88 of Erk Pod and part 2 of this Round Table.



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Episode Info

Duration: 67 minutes

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