Erk Pod 224 – No mobile phone and no Pepsi make Erk go something something

Welcome to episode 224 of Erk Pod.On this episode:

  • Welcome back to Blast From The Past, Erk!
  • Hyper Nonsense announcement
  • Peanut of the Week Nomination 1: Balloon Boy
  • Peanut of the Week Nomination 2: Parents with prams on train stations [story 1]
  • Peanut of the Week Nomination 3: Man crashes into 10 parked cars
  • Peanut of the Week Nomination 4: Man crashes into the roof of a house
  • The Old People Olympics
  • Voicemail from Shawno
  • Echo Romeo Kilo comment from Shawno
  • Comment from Jen re Erk Pod 223
  • Erk FM song of the Week: Are You Asleep – Silence Eye (China)
  • New timetable for Erk
  • Human Pacman
  • Email from Albert
  • Follow up from Scott re 50 jobs in 50 states guy
  • Voicemail from Scott
  • Trucker Tom and Erk talk about driver distraction
  • Monorail, Monorail, Monorail action from Trucker Tom



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Episode Info

Duration: 138 minutes

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  1. That’s gotta be a Simpsons reference in the title of this episode, in addition to the one in Scott’s comment. I totally was thinking “Simpsons” when I was listening to that part, too!

    Thank you for the Hyper Nonsense tribute. All the reasons will be revealed in the next episode, which we haven’t recorded yet as I type this comment here.

    I am amused by the “oops” you did by pressing the wrong buttons for the train announcements. The Pac Man story made me smile, and it was nice to hear the update about the 50 job guy.

  2. I’m sure I would feel differently about the train-station announcements if I could hear them in context of place. But just hearing them as disembodied sounds, they make no sense to me (and why would they?).

    and I hate to give the Balloon Boy story any more traction, but it has massive Peanut written all over it.

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