Echo Romeo Kilo 49 – Central Station, Sydney

Welcome to the first successful recording of Echo Romeo Kilo since Erk’s return to Australia. A few days before this episode, Erk recorded at Westiefield but it was full of FAIL. This episode was recorded using Erk’s new iPhone, an iPhone application called iTalk Lite and a lapel micrphone.

This episode starts in a train between Strathfield and Central. Erk starts by sitting in the passenger area where it is a lot quieter on these intercity trains. Then he moves into the area behind the driver’s cab near the passenger doors where the ambient noise increases.

Erk then walks from the intercity platforms to the suburban platforms and catches a train to Town Hall. After a couple of Channel Erk promos (including the new promo for Echo), some hours have passed. In the second half of the episode (that was actually recorded after Echo 50), Erk spends some time on the suburban platforms at Central station.

NOTE: You might notice that this episode is in mono. This has been sorted for future episodes.


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Duration: 58 minutes

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  1. The female voice reading all of those announcements sound pleasant enough. But being someone who knows nothing about the Sydney rail system, those announcements would only serve to confuse me. I’ve never really understood why transportation centers even use those kinds of announcements. I’d much rather have a map and a timetable.

  2. Yay, Echo is back! 😀

    Pretty sure that if I was there, trying to find the right train, and listening to all those voices announcing things, I’d become completely lost. Of course, I tend to get lost easily anyway… but those announcements wouldn’t help me. However, listening to this all as I sit safe at home is quite enjoyable.

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