Erk Pod 223 – Train Splat! Truck Splat! Taxi Splat! Bird Splat!

Welcome to episode 223 of Erk Pod. On this episode:

  • Peanut of the Week Nomination 1: Judy (self nominated)
  • Peanut of the Week Nomination 2: Whoever awarded Barrack Obama a Nobel Peace Prize
  • Peanut of the Week Nomination 3: Homeless guy in Kings Cross
  • Peanut of the Week Nomination 4: Melbourne taxi driver does u-turn on level crossing, gets stuck, gets hit.
  • Podcast of the Week: Ourobouros
  • Wii’ing all over Colin’s show
  • Echo episodes 49 & 50
  • Feedback from Jen re Erk Pod 222
  • Erk FM Song Of The Week: World Machine – Sierra Alpha
  • Voicemail from Trucker Tom re Erk Pod 222
  • “The Plane Is Going To Crash But That’s OK” submissions
  • “What do you say when you want to go toilet?” submissions
  • Erk and Trucker Tom swap stories about striking objects.



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Episode Info

Duration: 105 minutes

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1 Comment

  1. I vote for the Cab Driver for “Peanut of the Week”. Tried to pull a U-turn on a train track? Incredibly stupid!

    I think the introduction piece you did for “Colin’s 200th show” goes quite well with the “Wi Track of the Week”. 🙂

    Thanks for playing my comments , and reading my comments, and playing my Spanish on your show. I really enjoyed listening to Judy speaking Pig Latin. I haven’t tried to speak that in years! 🙂 That really made me laugh, and I needed a good laugh today.

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