Blast From The Past 33 – Army Days

Welcome to an extended episode of Blast From The Past. In this episode, Judy tells you about her knees, Erk talks about #badoptus, feedback from Donut Boy and Jennymaid and that’s all before we got to the topic.

Judy talks about her time working for the Army as a telephonist in a “Vietnam Position”. Not all of the job was about answering phones and calling everyone sir as you’ll find out. There is beer, Santa, party pies and more as looking after the troops after hours was just as important as what happened during the day.


  1. Sorry to hear that Judy was too sick to go on the Ferry. I know what it’s like to have to change plans because of health issues. 🙁

    Yay, the painting is done! Too bad the supposedly professional painters were horrible. 🙁

    Thanks for mentioning the photo slide show I did as my latest Inside My Head Podcast! So happy to hear you enjoyed watching it. It also makes me happy to learn that Jennymaid is now listening to Hyper Nonsense. Yay!

    I really enjoy hearing the stories about places Judy used to work at, and what it was like to work there. I never would have guessed that a job with the Army would have been like what you described. Some questions, though: What is “Fairy Floss”? Is it what we call “Cotton Candy” over here? And what is “Fairy Bread”?

    What was the name of the song in this episode? It was awesome!

  2. Judy, I nearly fainted when you described your first knee op. 37 staples? Now I’m slid to the floor. Seriously, best wishes for the second op. No doubt with the lapse of time the procedure is even better these days and you’ll recover much quicker.

    Enjoyed the Army Days tales, you seem to have been so busy in those days what with office work in the day and running the Mess at night. As I said to you before, if you want something done – ask a busy person!!

    I bet the helicopter ride would be a definite no-no these days because of having to have public liability for events and gatherings. The last time I saw Santa in Penrith he was driving the bus!

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