Erk Pod 220 – Dusty Wednesday

Welcome to a special episode of Erk Pod. Yes, I know you’ve already had an episode of Erk Pod this week (Erk Pod 219) but the dust storm that swept Sydney into a sea of orange dust stirred up a lot of talk and I thought that I could not wait a week to talk about it. Because I slept through the entire thing as it was happening, I am relying on people who were awake at the time. If you were awake at the time and are listening to this episode, feel free to give me feedback about what it was like for you. Erk talks about what happened and what was the aftermath. Were we prepared? Were we warned? Did we cope? Those questions and more may be answered by Erk or indeed may be answered by people who were awake. While talking about being prepared for events such as this, Erk refers to the Mitigation Journal podcast hosted by Rick Russotti. To hear Rick talk more about subjects such as this (mainly from an Emergency Services or a Public Safety point of view), check out the Mitigation Journal. Also, you can hear Erk interview Rick here on the first half of Erk Pod episode 196.



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  1. Wow, what a nightmare! I was unaffected by this giant orange dust storm, because I am all the way over here in America. If I was over there, I imagine I would have had serious breathing difficulties.

    To answer some of the questions you asked on this show:

    Everything I know about this dust storm came from reading twitter, following the links people put there, and reading those news articles or looking at those pictures. And from talking to you on Skype, and now from listening to this episode of Erk Pod. I don’t watch television, so I’ve no idea what the news stations out here might have said about it.

    As the example of a severely allergic/asthmatic person that you used on your show, (and that was awesome!), yes, I do carry things with me. I don’t leave the house without my Epi pen, my inhaler, and several extra antihistamines (two different kinds), just in case. I take allergy medication every night, and that drug would still be in my system in the morning before I leave for work, and should last all day. If I was living in AU at the time of this dust storm, there would be no way I was going to leave the house that day, and I don’t care at all what any employer would have had to say to that. I’m certain that I would have been one of the people having great difficulty breathing, and that I would have felt that way long before I was actually aware that there was a dust storm. I can wake up in the morning and tell you if the pollen count is higher than normal, without even getting out of bed. This dust storm might have killed me.

    I am now considering going to a hardware store, and getting some of those recommended masks to carry around in my “Medicine Bag”, just in case. I’m not thinking about dust storms out here, but of several other things that can be a problem for me. It’s been suggested to me in the past to get some masks, but I have not done it. Seems now is a good time.

  2. I don’t pay much attention to mainstream radio/TV. I can’t say what the coverage was like here of the dust storm. I did see many pictures of the storm, and it looked like Sydney had been relocated to Mars.

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