Erk Pod 218 – The Week of The Peanut

Welcome to episode 218 of Erk Pod. On this episode:



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  1. Hmm…a tough choice on the “Peanut of the week.” I’ll have to put my vote in for the two people having sex in the stolen car who wouldn’t stop even when the policeman came over and asked them to stop. Even though one of them was drunk. What were they thinking? Or maybe it was the drunk thing that caused all the problems. She was over double our legal limit over here. Ours is .08 and you said she was at .169, I believe.

    Erk, I can’t imagine you wrestling a bat out of someone’s hands. You just don’t seem the type, but then again with the guy hitting his wife…I can probably picture that, after all. I’m always disappointed when something like that happens and the woman doesn’t press charges. I’m a little confused though on how being crazy gives him a free pass. In the States that would probably mean some time in the mental hospital. I don’t think being crazy gives you license to assault people over here. I’m surprised to hear that it might be different over there. Or is it just because you didn’t suffer and bodily harm? Either way, that guy belongs locked up. He’s obviously off in the head. Stole a bat, hit his wife, wouldn’t turn over the bat, then struggled with a train guard. Even if he wasn’t “crazy,” he’d have to be crazy or drunk or high to do all that.

  2. There’s a whole crop of peanuts to choose from in this episode!

    As far as “Peanut of the Week”, I vote for the people doing roadwork. Here is why :
    (1) The people doing the roadwork intentionally chose to do it. They must have had some idea that their actions would cause problems for other people, or else they wouldn’t have known to close down the road. They decided to do it anyway. Also, I know that roadwork does not happen without a series of people specifically and intentionally planning for it. So, I guess I am voting for the entire process involved with deciding to do that kind of roadwork at that time, as well as the committee of people that were involved in making that choice. This was a bad plan that no one involved chose to stop from happening, and these people should have known better.

    (2) You know how much I hate roadwork in the first place, so I have a bit of a bias with this vote.

    Here’s why I didn’t vote for the other nominees:
    (1) The guy on the plane did not actually have a bomb, or a plan about how to use his threat to scare people, or even any demands if his plan worked. It’s possible he didn’t realize the implications of making a bomb threat on a plane on September 11th. This man is clearly an idiot, which isn’t his fault.

    (2) You didn’t intend to get locked in the bathroom, Erk. Once you realized the problem, you used the tools you had to solve the problem. And, you knocked down the door and freed yourself, which is kinda badass. 🙂

    (3) The drunken people in the car… well… once somebody is that drunk, can they really make any intentional decisions? Their actions didn’t really cause harm to anyone, other than possibly the person whose car they stole. But, it seems like he would get his car returned to him. So, again, we have stupid people, making dumb decisions.

    (4) The lady with the petrol was also either an idiot, or sadly uneducated. She didn’t set out to potentially blow anything up.

    So there ya go… stupid acts intentionally done by people who should know better beat stupid acts done by people who cannot help but be stupid. 🙂

  3. I agree with Jen on the peanut of the week:

    Number 1 – Road works are planned in advance – everyone knows that night time Sydney is every bit as busy as daytime Sydney, what with shift workers, theatres, gigs etc. Why not use the midnight to 4 am window before the big trucks roll in with the daily supplies. Surely enough time to raise a billboard sign.

    Numbers 2 and 3 are the plane guy and petrol lady equally. The guy must have known what date he was flying from his ticket or eticket. My word for him would be A******e. The lady was extremely uneducated. At the petrol station you follow the signs – No smoking, Turn your engine off, Turn your mobile off!!!! Petrol and electricity charge – lethal combination.

    Number 4 – the bonking couple, complete peanuts but at least they won’t do that again.

    Number 5 – No Erk, you shouldn’t even put yourself on the list. Getting stuck in the bathroom can happen to anyone at anytime. It happened to me at age 5 at school, luckily the teacher got me out, but the trauma has stayed with me since………… Jennymaid

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