Erk Pod 217 – “Can I please have a sex change, Radio?”

Welcome to episode 217 of Erk Pod. On this episode:

  • Blast & Blast FM is back this week
  • There’s a man on my roof!
  • Domain name FAIL
  • Spoonman reappears from nowhere!
  • Feedback from Jen re Erk Pod 215, 216 and “Stupid Questions From Retail Hell”
  • Voicemail from Robert Gasperson re Erk Pod 216
  • Erk FM Song Of The Week: Can You Hear Me? – All Mankind
  • Podcast Of  The Week: 2 Schooners
  • Retweeted Story Of  The Week: Tasers could be banned in Queensland
  • Retweeted Story Of The Week II: Tourists use Uluru as a toilet
  • Railway Job Of  The Week: Communications Operator
  • Railway Station Of  The Week: Central
  • Erk’s War Story Of  The Week: “You had a man but now you have a woman?”



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Episode Info

Duration: 105 minutes

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  1. I hear you with the customer service issues, Erk. We’re in the process of moving our sites to a new web hosting company. And while the support at the new company isn’t as bad as what you went through, it’s not as good as it is with our old web hosting company. I had an issue early on where I’m certain there was a communication breakdown because of the fact that the support personnel weren’t natural English speakers. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the way of things these days, it seems. Good to hear that your situation was eventually worked out. Mine was, too.

  2. I cannot figure out what Bunny said in Spanish towards the start of this episode, no matter how many times I listen back to it.

    Thanks for reading off my “Stupid Questions from Retail Hell”! That was fun to put together.

    I liked the song you played. Something in the sound reminds me of U2, a little bit. Very nice!

    The story about the train covered with white powder was interesting, as was the “you had a man but now you have a woman” story. Great show! 🙂

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