Blast From The Past 30a – Erk’s LIVE Birthday Special (part 1)

Welcome to a Blast From The Past special. Back in February when this podcast was a lot younger, Erk surprised Judy with a birthday special. 6 months have passed since then and the podcast has grown and the audience has grown and Erk has grown as well. When Erk’s birthday rolled around, Judy was determined to return the favour to Erk.


While Erk does have an advantage because he pushes the buttons, Judy arranged for some special guests to join them on Skype. There was a live audience listening in as well. Erk & Judy were having such a great time with their guests that the show went for 3 hours and therefore has been turned into two episodes. This episode is episode 30a and the remainder of the episode will be episode 30b next week.


Erk and Judy were joined by Shawno & Jen from Hyper Nonsense, Tiggr from Boise & Beyond, Richard from the Wasting Time podcast as well as Cami Kaos & Dr Normal from Strange Love Live. There were also messages from Cherie from the CherieCast, Jenny Maid, Jim (Rockeye) and Steve & Tim from Some Guys in a Car. And if that wasn’t enough, there was a mystery phone call from a mystery caller!


Thank you to everyone who appeared or sent messages. Thank you also to anyone who may have been listening live. Erk made a last minute decision not to have a chatroom and forgot to turn off the chatroom on uStream. A special thanks to Judy for helping to make it a great weekend of podcasting. Also with a birthday theme was Erk FM 33 and Judy’s Blast FM 8.


Apart from anything else, this show shows how far Judy has come with podcasting and what a great show Blast has become.


  1. Squeezy Vegimite? What will they think of next?
    There’s a Channel Erk Teddy bear now? Cool!

    Sorry I missed this part of the show when you were recording it. I was really sick that night.
    I sure missed an interesting show!

    Sometime soon, I will have to send in another Spanish translation for y’all.

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