Erk Pod 212 – “Are you wearing a kilt, sir? Don’t lie, now!”

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 212. In this episode:

  • Feedback from Shawno & Jen from Hyper Nonsense
  • Announcement of the episode 200 competition winner
  • Interview with author and podcaster Scott Roche (30 minutes approx)
  • Australian radio lie detector scandal (including post-production post-script)
  • Scott from the Uncommon Sense podcast tells us about when he entered a competition



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Episode Info

Duration: 92 minutes

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  1. Thanks for reading my email on your show, Erk! And also for the Hyper Nonsense, Inside My Head, Shawnogram shout-outs. 😀

    Sounds like Bunny shouldn’t get a job behind a cash register, and it was a good choice for you not to have Bunny add up the coins in your contest. lol! Very exciting episode, with the announcement of the contest winner.

    In regards to the interview:
    Yeah, I would consider “Christian Fiction” to be it’s own genre. The Evil Bookstore I used to work in had a specific section in the middle of the main Religion section that was called “Christian Fiction”. Were the books any good? I have no idea, as I don’t read Christian Fiction.

    Also, NaNoWriMo sounds intimidating. I think I will stick to NaPodPoMo.

    That interview you mentioned with the 14 year old makes me cringe! Wrong on so many levels! 🙁

    Great show today, Erk! Nice mix of stuff.

  2. I’m so excited. I entered, but I did not expect to win. I was just giving you the traffic and letting you know that happily listen to your podcast. This is a real treat. Expect an audio file from me when I receive your package. I will record myself opening the package for all your listeners to enjoy.

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