Blast From The Past 2 – Telephones

Welcome to episode 2 of Blast From The Past. In this episode, Erk and Judy talk about telephones.

“Hello, this is the Operator. Would you like to extend?”

Judy used to be a telephone operator. It was her job to connect you to someone else before automatic telephone exchanges.

“Hello, this is the Operator. Would you like to extend?”

Find out about party lines, how a bloke got free calls to speak to his girlfriend, calling Army Privates “Sir” and a lot more.

“Hello, this is the Operator. Would you like to extend?”

Then we talk about mobile phones and how useful they have been. Judy has a rant about “operators today” and how they can charge you coin without even connecting you. “Back in my day………”

“Hello, this is the Operator. Would you like to extend?”


  • MUSIC: “Little Red Telephone” – Art Linton
  • PODCAST PROMO: Inside My Head. Very relevant as Jen tells us she hates phones ringing at work.


  1. Hey erk and Judy!

    Loved Episode 2! Thanks Judy for the lesson on the old telephone operators and how they operated :). I hope all the Blast episodes are as educational as this one. Thanks again and keep those memories coming!

  2. It sounds like the way the phones were done “back in the day”, were way better than how things are done now. I learned a lot while listening to this show. Educational, and entertaining!

    Thanks for playing the Inside My Head promo! 🙂

    Oh, and it is AAA (or “triple A”) I was supposed to call to get my car opened up for me when I locked the keys inside. I still haven’t joined it, but, I might decide to someday. I’m more careful about not leaving my keys in the car now. Thank goodness for the Auto Shop class that was able to open my car for me!

    I enjoyed the “Little Red Phone” song. When Judy said “Little Red Wagon”, it reminded me of a day care center I used to work for by the same name.

    Great show, you two! 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed learning about how the phones worked back in the day in Australia. Reminds me of a lot of stories that a slightly older coworker told me about party lines in Kansas when he was growing up. From what he told me, there are still some places in the United States that still have them. Judy, do you know if there are any left in Australia? Or have they all been replaced?

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