Erk FM 41 – 2009 Erk FM Musical United Nations Tour: Asia


[bq_left]Erk FM 41 – 2009 Erk FM Musical United Nations Tour: Asia[/bq_left]



Welcome to the fourth show of the 2009 Erk FM Musical United Nations Tour. We move from Australia to New Zealand and last week’s trip to Africa. Now we move across to Asia. All music for the tour supplied by JamendoTheme music for this tour series is “Around the World” by Natalie Brown (extracts used with permission). You can hear the song in full on episode 34 of Erk FM. Ambient noise obtained from The Free Sound Project. Concert tickets from Concert Ticket Maker.


Song list:

  • Regret – Quietness 47 (Japan)
  • Moon River – Kitasen (Japan)
  • Jump And Run – Legofriendly (Japan)
  • Dripping Time – Tartaros (Japan)
  • Soda Shop – Meltmaster (South Korea)
  • IJen Part 1 (Radio Edit) – ODreamer (South Korea)
  • IJen Part 2 (Rock Edit) – ODreamer (South Korea)
  • IJen Part 3 (Trance Edit) – ODreamer (South Korea)
  • Are You Asleep – Silence Eye (China)
  • Cellar Boy – Lonely Planet Boy 1969 (China)
  • Graveyard Child Escape – Gravecrows (China)


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  1. Legofriendly! Best band name ever, and I really liked the little electronic sounds in their song.

    Thanks for the “IJen” shout- out. I wonder what “IJen” means in Korean? I liked the trance version of that song best, but they are were good.

    When I heard this show had an Asian theme, I was expecting the hyper, “earworm” pop music, sung by teenage girls with itty bitty high pitched voices. That style of music can be fun, and I do like it, ( I own a Puffy Amiymi CD), but an entire show of it would have made my head explode. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the great variety of musical styles in this episode, and that not one song was what I was expecting. Very nice!

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