Erk Pod 211 – Zombies, Ninjas, Slackers, Peanuts….

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 211. In this episode:

  • Bus driver refuses to carry a veiled woman
  • 25 year old woman has had 70 jobs
  • More drink driving and speeding peanuts
  • Paramedic strips for alcohol
  • Major fire at ……. the Fire College of Knowledge
  • Operation ADSL
  • Erk’s thinking of getting an iPhone?
  • Kelly’s no iPhone challenge
  • Dancing My Ass Off – Erk almost threw up in his mouth
  • #seapatrol
  • Podcast review – Betty In The Sky With A Suitcase
  • DVD review – The Tube
  • Movie review – Ninjas V Zombies
  • Movie review – Shaun of the Dead
  • Movie review – The Hangover
  • Feedback from Shawno, Jen, Robert & Richard

News source: News Limited, Daily Mail



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Episode Info

Duration: 88 minutes

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  1. 70 jobs by the time you’re 25, let alone 70 jobs in an entire life, is a pretty serious achievement. How that girl continues to get jobs is a mystery me to me, though. I think any new employer would look at her work history as a liability. But, if she can continue to get away with it, more power to her.

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