Blast From The Past 26 – Food

Welcome to episode 26 of Blast From The Past. On this episode, Erk & Judy compare current day food with the food “back in my day…..”


Sit back and relax – Channel Erk however takes no responsibility if you get hungry during the episode! There is also a contribution from Jenny our new Research Assistant.


  1. What a surprise that Erk has no big memories about vegetables. And Judy’s right about how it seems like a lot more food is wasted these days. In terms of me and Jen, it can be difficult to fnd just the right amount of food to buy for certain meals. And sometimes, things can be frozen and saved for the future. And sometimes, they can’t. So, they just get thrown away.

  2. My grandmother used to have a small garden in the backyard. I remember she would grow tomatoes and peas, and I used to pick the peas, wipe the dirt off, and eat the peas, pod and all. This used to completely gross out my parents.

    Now, I’ve got a small tomato plant, and a lemon tree. The lemon tree gave me about three lemons last year, and this year it’s getting ready to give me a lot of lemons. I will, of course, be making lemonade. 😉

    It was interesting to hear about how the barter system worked in your neighborhood.

    I made it through about half this episode before I got hungry. So, for part of the episode in the middle somewhere, I was listening while eating a lovely red pear.

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