Erk Pod 210 – “Erk Goes To The Moon……”

Welcome to an action packed episode of Erk Pod. It’s a long episode with a couple of rants, news, opinion and more. On this episode:

  • Announcements – new schedule, American voicemail number, episode 200 competition
  • Podcasters Emporium
  • Excellent on-time running!
  • Sydney Metro is a bad idea says Erk
  • More about train driving, training etc
  • NYPD still use typewriters
  • Who decided who would walk on the moon first? [Various Firsts in Space – Wikipedia]
  • Women in space
  • Kelly marries Kelly thanks to Facebook
  • Speeding Peanuts
  • Screw you, Triple M!
  • Staycation IS a word!
  • Stressful jobs
  • Our Prime Minister, the Twitterer
  • Erk’s suggestion for Mx
  • Here’s Looking At You, Over Heard
  • Feedback from episodes 200 & 209

News sources: Fairfax Media, News Limited, First Coast News, NASA, The Space Review, UPI.



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Duration: 108 minutes

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  1. I really enjoyed your trip to the US. too bad you didn’t make it down to the Charlotte Area. I would have come out to see you.

    I wonder why they don’t add the underground rail to the already running train system. If they want to run underground in the new areas, then send the current trains into the tunnels. Then they don’t have to run all new tracks underground. And if they do update some of the lines, just run the new tracks underground. There are places in London where the train goes from underground to above ground. It’s the same kind of concept.

  2. Nice job with the solo show, Erk. Hope you get some audio feedback through the new American voice mail number. Interesting to hear about the proposals for the Sydney train system. Especially with the automated trains. I know they’ve got that kind of system up in Vancouver. But like you said – what if there’s a breakdown or some other kind of problem, and no train driver on board to help? It’s obviously not gonna be a big deal in Canadia. Nobody’s in a hurry to get back to their igloos. But Sydney’s a busy place. No time for delays!

  3. Bunny sure had some snarky comments in today’s show. 😉

    I do not foresee good things happening with this train system you were describing. Whenever the “Powers that be” decide to find ways to eliminate jobs, things immediately go “pear-shaped”, (to borrow a phrase from you). I would love to hear more about how this situation goes.

    I really enjoyed hearing the audio stuff from The Moon Landing.

    Thanks for the shout-out. I had no idea that “staycation” was going to be a real word! Fascinating!

    Let me know if MX ever does get online. Those “Overheard” quotes were really funny!

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