Erk To The Penalty Box 003 – Catching Up From The Icehouse

Melbourne Zamboni June 2014



Welcome to episode 3 of Erk To The Penalty Box. On this episode, Erk has returned from his overseas trip and returns almost immediately to Melbourne for a weekend of hockey action. On this episode, Erk brings you up to speed about what has been going on in his world prior to weekly episodes about the Australian Ice Hockey League. This episode was recorded on location at the Icehouse in Melbourne on Canada Day, Tuesday July 1.


Theme & Intermission music provided by The Zambonis & post-game entertainment supplied by Vanity Riots. Canadian National Anthem obtained from a Canadian government website.


1st Period:

  • Erk’s been watching the NHL & WHL
  • An Australian is drafted for the NHL
  • Playoff series seem to take so long!
  • Erk discovers the Australian Ice Hockey League
  • Introduction To AIHL teams


1st Zamboni Break (music by The Zambonis)

  • Here Comes The Zamboni
  • The Goalie Is Drunk
  • Boom Boom Boom


2nd Period:

  • What are some of the differences between the AIHL & NHL?
  • The Zamboni is leaving the ice
  • AIHL 101
  • Introducing the various AIHL clubs
  • Moving out of the way of figure skaters
  • Why is the podcast named Erk To The Penalty Box?
  • Why is a penalty box important?
  • Interchanging on the fly
  • More AIHL club introductions 


2nd Zamboni Break (music by The Zambonis)

  • Here Comes The Zamboni
  • The Helmet Song
  • Take Off That Mask


3rd Period:

  • We are at the halfway point of the AIHL
  • Current AIHL standings, stats & upcoming games


Post Game Entertainment (music by Vanity Riots)

  • Ambulance
  • Bloodsucker
  • I Love You (Almost As Much As I Love Me)


Vanity Riots are an independent/unsigned female fronted hard rock/glam metal band from Sydney. They have been featured on many occasions on Erk’s music podcast Erk FM: Australia.

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