Erk To The Penalty Box 001 – Winterhawks Game 1 (Arena Announcer Sean Norris Interview)

Erk Winterhawks first AIHL April 2014




Welcome to episode 1 of Erk To The Penalty Box. This episode is the start of a longer conversation recorded early in 2014 after Erk visited Portland in the Pacific Northwest. Introduced to the game of hockey in the Western Hockey League, Erk saw 3 games that weekend and was totally hooked after that. At the end of a nice few days, Erk chats with the Portland Winterhawks Arena Announcer Sean “The Pipes” Norris about hockey, announcing, Portland, the Winterhawks and more.


National Anthem – Performed by a US Army band.


1st Period:

  • Erk & Sean recount how they met
  • Has Sean been imported from somewhere else like most other Portland residents are?
  • Snowbirds heading south for the winter
  • What brings Sean to the Pacific Northwest?
  • Does Sean consider him a local now?
  • How did Sean discover hockey in the first place?
  • How did Sean become the Winterhawks arena announcer?



1st Zamboni Break:

  • Here Comes The Zamboni! (from Playoff Fever)
  • The Hockey Song (from Playoff Fever)
  • Greatest Season (from Chippy Season)
  • Channel Erk Promo: Erk Pod 


2nd Period:

  • It’s decision time for Sean’s audition
  • Announcer Idol?
  • Giving Sean the good news
  • Sean’s first game in the hot seat
  • Fan Feedback
  • How to say the names of players
  • WHL imported players
  • Where are the Winterhawks players from?
  • Canadian people don’t speak American
  • Sean moves Moose Jaw into Alberta (and later apologizes to both of his Moose Jaw fans)
  • Overview of the Canadian Hockey League (CHL)
  • There’s lots of Canadians playing for the Winterhawks


2nd Zamboni Break:

  • Here Comes The Zamboni! (from Playoff Fever)
  • Zamboni Drivers’ Local Union (from More Songs About Hockey)
  • Hockey Week  (from More Songs About Hockey)
  • Channel Erk Promo: Erk To The White Courtesy Phone


3rd Period:

  • How does the WHL and the Winterhawks fit in with the NHL?
  • Are WHL players ready to play in the NHL?
  • What is a Winterhawk?
  • Why does the Winterhawks jersey look like the Chicago Blackhawks jersey?
  • Changing names and logos when the times change
  • The Winterhawks and the local sporting community
  • Where do the Winterhawks play?
  • Fan base demographics within Portland
  • Twelve hundred dollars?
  • Do the different fans cross over betweeen local sports?


Post Game:


All intermission music supplied by The Zambonis & used with permission. Post Game music supplied by Smokin’ Mirrors, a rock band from the NSW Central Coast. Hear a lot more independent & unsigned music like this on Erk FM: Australia every Friday. 


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