Announcement Saturday – iTunes, Voicemail & more

It looks like today is Announcement Saturday! I have a few things to announce!

Firstly, Channel Erk now has an American voicemail number. Thanks to Google Voice and Shawno from Hyper Nonsense, you can now call 661-524-5ERK (661-524-5375) to leave a voicemail for any Channel Erk program if you are inside the US.  This complements the current voicemail number for Australian listeners that is 02 8003 6905.

If you are outside of Australia or the US, you can leave a message on the Skype ID of erkpod or call the closest voicemail number to you. The Australian number in that case would be +61.2 8003 6905 or the American number of +1. 661-524-5375. Or as a further alternative, record a soundfile and email All the relevant contact information is on the contact page of the website.

Secondly, Erk Pod is moving to a set weekly schedule. In the past, I’d release the episode as soon as it was recorded regardless of what day of the week it was recorded. However from now on, I will be releasing Erk Pod every Wednesday. This is to space out the shows, especially for those of you listening to everything in the Channel Erk 5 in 1 feed. Wednesday (or Hump Day as some people call it) seems to be the best day for Erk Pod to be released. So now, Erk Pod will be released on Wednesdays, Erk FM on Fridays, Blast From The Past on Saturdays and Judy’s Blast FM on Sundays. All of these release days are the release days in Australia. Subscribe to the Channel Erk 5 in 1 feed and that way, you will get everything as it is released or if you prefer, subscribe to the show/s of your choice.

Speaking of subscribing, you can now directly subscribe to Judy’s Blast FM via iTunes using the link in the sidebar if you want to subscribe to that show only. Judy’s Blast FM has been a part of the Channel Erk Combined Feed since episode 1. Judy has one more episode to record before she can be considered for membership for the Association of Music Podcasting. She is preparing and presenting the show herself with Erk producing it.

The only show on Channel Erk that does not have fixed schedule as of today is Echo Romeo Kilo as it is produced only when required.

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