Blast From The Past 25 – Xmas In July

Welcome to episode 25 of Blast From The Past. In this episode, Erk & Judy take a look at Christmas in July. They share some Xmas in July and Xmas in December stories.


Music is by The Hot Rods courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network. Find out how Judy is going on her new music show “Judy’s Blast FM” which is available on Sundays (Australian time).


  1. We usually take the Christmas decorations after New Year’s Day here. Jen doesn’t like Christmas decorations that much, but maybe she’ll feel differently this year as she’s no longer working in the bookstore.

  2. I am not a Christmas person. Not. At. All.
    You have Christmas not once, but twice a year over there? That’s too much for me.

    It was amusing hearing you talk about snow, like it was something special and rare. Having “A White Christmas” might sound lovely…. until you have to get up early to heat up the car to melt off the ice, and then knock the snow off the car in the cold… and then drive the streets that may or may not have been plowed to get to your relative’s house to celebrate Christmas. Oh, and then do it all over again when you want to leave. I am not a snow person.

    Christmas starts in “Retail Hell” as early as mid September now. 🙁 And the Christmas stuff goes on sale the day after Christmas. The timing of this has more to do with when the new stock will arrive at the stores, and a lack of available space, instead of any normal concept of “Christmas Time”.

    Maybe this Christmas will be different, because I will actually get a vacation at that time this year, instead of being stuck in Retail Hell. We shall see.

    So, I must really like your show, since I just listened to an entire episode dedicated to Christmas 😉

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