Erk Pod 209 – The Stop/Start Episode

Welcome to episode 209 of Erk Pod.

Over the last few weeks, Trucker Tom introduced 3 new listeners to Channel Erk and I have been listening to their podcasts. Erk has been listening to and enjoying these podcasts, namely the Uncommon Sense Podcast, Post It Cast and Ed’s Mixed Bag.

Scott from the Uncommon Sense Podcast sent Erk some voice files after listening to some episodes of Erk Pod. And to answer the questions from Scott, Erk pauses Scott’s comments when required to answer them. This has become known to some as a “Stop/Start”.

During this extended episode, Erk and Scott talk about work, privacy on the interweb, America, podcasting and a lot more. While doing the stop/start, Erk had no idea about how long the episode had been going for. At the end of the episode, Erk was shocked to find that he had been talking for just under 2 hours!

So, listeners, do you like this format? Would you be prepared to send in an extended voice comment for a similar type of episode? Mind you, this type of episode relies on some content from listeners. Of course, this format would not be used for every episode of Erk Pod. Feel free to email or leave a comment on the show notes.



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Episode Info

Duration: 111 minutes

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  1. A feedback episode that doesn’t directly include me? I feel as though I’ve somehow failed.

    And if everything works, you should have a GooglesVoice number when you wake up today.

  2. Thanks for the Hyper Nonsense shout-out! And also for the Inside My Head shout-out! Always appreciated. 🙂

    I think I’m all caught up now with Erk Pod. Yay!

    Adam Curry scares me, just sayin’.

    This “stop/start episode” was pretty cool. It’s nice to try something different on a podcast, once in a while, and also to hear shows done in a different format than expected once in a while. Would I send in audio content like this? Well, I kind of did already, when I was translating Spanish for you. So, it could happen again. But, normally, I prefer to leave comments on the websites for the podcasts I listen to.

  3. Yes I know I’m behind.

    Listening to this episode made me think how my uncle and my dad used to communicate in a similar way but less technologically advanced. Back in the early 70’s they’d snail mail reel-to-reel audio tapes to each other (from Sydney to Katherine NT and vice versa) containing a 30 minute or so voice recording. No interwebs or mp3 files back then! Wow that’s something for Judy’s Blast from the Past!

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