Judy’s Blast FM 4 – Horses & Cocktail Pop

Welcome to this episode of Judy’s Blast FM. Judy had trouble finding horse related songs but wanted to do a horse themed show. And considering Erk had even more trouble finding elephant songs, Judy has found some cocktail pop songs to go with the horse songs.


Song list:


  1. I can’t say I was familiar with the term “cocktail pop” before hearing you mention it, Judy. That being said, the only artist I can immediately think of that might fit that description is Harry Connick Jr.

    And keep in mind, when looking up music for your show, that the Internet is pretty much just one big jumble of “organized chaos.” The harder you try to fit things into easy-to-understand boxes, the more frustrated you’ll become.

  2. I love the Flying Horses song! I also really liked the “Trance & Horses” song.

    It was nice to hear a little of your horse stories, and the horses birthday thing in this episode. I am still new to the concept of “horses birthday”. Never heard of it before I heard you talk about it.

    I’ve never head of “cocktail pop” before hearing you say it. There are a lot of genres that I don’t recognize, and cannot define. I guess if the music sounds good to me, then it doesn’t matter what genre it fits into. At least, that’s how I look at things when I pick music for my show.

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