Erk FM: International 505 – UK 2011 Flashback

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Welcome to Erk FM: International episode 505. With Rocktober & Norockvember completed, Erk has 5 episodes of Erk FM: International remaining before ending the show. The final episode of Erk FM: International will be on New Years Eve 2014. On this episode, Erk features two of his favourite international interviews from outside Australia. Both interviews/features were recorded on location in London in 2011. In the first section, various music podcasters from the Association Of Music Podcasting try to get Erk drunk on warm English beer. Despite this, a good time was had by all. A few days later, Erk interviews guitarist Matt Stevens.


In 2014, Erk repeated the trip and was able to catch up with several of the people you’ll hear on the first section of the episode before heading across town with Ro from DarkCompass to watch Matt Stevens live. 

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