Judy’s Blast FM 3 – Xmas In July

Welcome to episode 3 of Judy’s Blast FM. Seeing as though it is July and people celebrate Xmas in July here in Australia, here are some Xmas songs. This show was inspired by a challenge given to Erk while he was in America by Jamie the Podmedic on Erk Pod. All music on this episode is performed by The Hot Rods and is supplied by the Podsafe Music Network.

Thank you to Shawno from Hyper Nonsense for providing the show’s first comment. You can either left a comment on the show notes or send an email to judysblast@gmail.com


Song list:

  • Christmas In The Moonlight
  • Dear Santa Claus
  • Christmas In Hawaii
  • Rock Her Santa
  • Santa’s Too Drunk To Drive
  • Pink & Powder Blue
  • I Don’t Want Your Christmas Presents, I Just Want Your Christmas Kisses
  • Old St Nick’s Blues
  • Hey Little Drummer Boy
  • It’s Christmas Time Again


  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Christmas-themed music podcast before, and I certainly haven’t ever heard one in July. Cool idea, Judy.

  2. For some strange reason, Christmas music sounded good to me right now. It’s around five in the morning, in August, and I am awake working on stuff, because I cannot sleep. I figured out that I hadn’t listened to this episode yet, so I gave it a listen now.

    I’ve played the song by the Hot Rods called “Santa’s Too Drunk To Drive” on my show. I really like that one! But, I’ve never heard the rest of these songs by The Hot Rods before. Very nice! I really liked the steel drums in the song “Christmas In Hawaii”.

    Considering that I am not a “Christmas person”, and that Christmas music usually makes me run, screaming, away from it, I am about to give this episode a big compliment: I enjoyed listening to this episode! 😀

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