Erk FM: Australia 514 – Goodbye Erk FM: Australia!

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Welcome to Erk FM: Australia episode 514. This is the final episode of Erk FM: Australia and brings to a close 6 years of music podcasting across all genres. Erk FM started on the first Friday of 2009 with an episode a week to start with. Later, most weeks would see at least 2 episodes a week. Erk FM: International & Erk FM: Australia were created & started as separate shows in December 2011.



Erk would like to thank all of the musicians, music suppliers, promoters, venues and other music podcasters that he has worked with over the last 6 years. It has been a great ride but it is time to move on. On this extended episode, Erk will feature bands/artists he has seen & enjoyed live.


It should be noted that Erk FM: Metal Monday will continue weekly into 2015.



Thank you for listening.


Song list:


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