Erk FM: Australia 474 – South Australia Sampler

Erk No Posters Please September 2013



Welcome to Erk FM: Australia episode 474. Erk continues his trip around the country featuring Australian artists courtesy of AirPlay Direct. This time, Erk focuses on South Australia and the capital city, Adelaide.



Song list:

  • Square Peg – Etype (AirPlay Direct)
  • Why  – Etype (AirPlay Direct)
  • If You Were Me  – Etype (AirPlay Direct)
  • Everybody Wants To Touch Me – Paul Kelly (AirPlay Direct)
  • Somewhere In The City  – Paul Kelly (AirPlay Direct)
  • Sydney From A 747  – Paul Kelly (AirPlay Direct)
  • To Her Door  – Paul Kelly (AirPlay Direct)
  • All The Wandering – The Yearlings (AirPlay Direct)
  • Heart Of It All  – The Yearlings (AirPlay Direct)
  • Blue Sky Boy  – The Yearlings (AirPlay Direct)
  • Soliders Fortune  – The Yearlings (AirPlay Direct)
  • Country RnR – The Texettes (AirPlay Direct)
  • All These Years – Natti (AirPlay Direct)
  • Humpy Bumpy – Natti (AirPlay Direct)
  • Don’t Look Back  – Natti (AirPlay Direct)
  • Put A Bit Back  – Natti (AirPlay Direct)
  • Punk Is A Lie – Alien Zoo (AirPlay Direct)
  • Argument Party – Alien Zoo (AirPlay Direct)
  • Blow – Alien Zoo (AirPlay Direct)
  • Disappear – Alien Zoo (AirPlay Direct)


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