Erk FM Metal Monday 156 – Jamming Around The World

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Welcome to Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 156. Instead of watching ice hockey brawls on YouTube (a personal favourite is 14 Minutes of Pissed Off Goalies – it does exactly what it says on the box!), Erk is bringing you metal from around the world, probably in languages other than English (the bands, that is, not Erk) courtesy of music supplier Jamendo. Some of the tracks are so not in English that Erk’s English keyboard can not re-create the letters forming the titles of the songs.


The first song is called Escape From Dead Halt by Metal Mood. You might listen to the start of the song & think that Erk has gone stark raving mad. Look past the the piano in the introduction and you’ll hear some German metal.


The next band are called ReconQuistA from Russia. Erk plays a few tracks from them but can’t translate the song titles into English. Making a return to Erk FM: Metal Monday are Melqart who are from Spain. Erk wonders if the traditional “U follows a Q” rule also applies in Spanish. Probably not.


Next are ApocryphA from Argentina. Based on previous submissions and tracks Erk has found plus his experiences on 70000 Tons of Metal, South Americans love their heavy metal. Moving to an English speaking country, Man-Witch are the penultimate band from Portland – Erk presumes Portland in Oregon unless he can prove differently when it comes to a band from Portland. PS – GO WINTERHAWKS!


Finally, Erk brings us home with a word pun. The final band on this week’s episode is Final Deadline (see what he did there?) who are from Italy. 


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