Erk FM: International 457 – Musical Upbringings

Day 02 Vegas Strip Arrival



Welcome to Erk FM: International episode 457. On this episode, Erk features more Americana & folk music, supplied by AirPlay Direct.



The episode opens with Jess Klein who is exploring her youth, life, redemption & women’s politics.



Song list:

  • If There’s A God
  • Surrender
  • Loving You
  • Wish
  • Dear God
  • Only The Blues
  • Open Road
  • Long Way Down
  • Learning Faith



The episode concludes with Ben & Ellen Harper. Another family combination, Ben & Ellen are son & mother. The family are musical and not surprisingly, Ben grew up around music. Ellen was working in the family music store which kept music front of mind within the family. Inspiration was never far away.


Song list:

  • Born To Love You
  • Heavyhearted World
  • Farmer’s Daughter
  • Memories Of Gold
  • Altar Of Love
  • Break Your Heart
  • Learn It All Again Tomorrow
  • How Could We Not Believe

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