Erk FM: Australia 448 – Feeling 300

[bq_left]Erk FM: Australia 448 – Feeling 300[/bq_left]
Photo – Shawno (left), Erk (right) & Jen (front) in Bubble Gum Alley, San Luis Obispo, during Erk’s visit in 2009.



Welcome to episode 448 of Erk FM: Australia. Due to some technical issues and poor song choice and limited time, Erk re-presents episode 300 of Erk FM: Australia. This is a celebration episode as it is a milestone episode. So to celebrate, Erk has a couple of guests – it is even better when said guests help with the playlist! Guests on this episode are Shawno & Jen from San Luis Obispo who are long term friends of Erk FM. Their previous podcasts include Hyper Nonsense and Gemini Dragon with their latest venture being a multimedia portal (including podcasts) called No Market.  For this special occasion, Shawno & Erk have worked on the playlist separately and there are videos below for most songs.  If you watch the videos in real time like Shawno & Jen did, you’ll understand what we discuss when it comes to the videos.



Music supplied by SGC Media, Heapsaflash & the artists directly.



Song list (as selected by Erk):


Song list (as selected by Shawno):


Artist order: Tamarama, Genevieve Maynard & The Tall Boys, Domino, Wind Up Dolls,  Vanity Riots, Abbe May, Aimee Francis, Cub Scouts, Lowlakes, Foundry Road, Amodus.

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