Erk Pod 522 – Erk’s Pacamerican Circle Day 55 (Singapore Malaysia)

Erk Malay Something Something[bq_left]Erk Pod 522 – Erk’s Pacamerican Circle Day 55 (Singapore Malaysia)[/bq_left]












Welcome to Erk Pod episode 522. On this episode, Erk leaves the city & country of Singapore & heads to Jonor Bahru, Malaysia. Erk’s original plan was to walk over the causeway joining the two countries however new immigration buildings on the Malaysian side means that this is no longer possible. Not wanting to hire a car or other vehicle, Erk decides that there is still a way to do this – public transport!


Catching a couple of trains from near his Singapore hotel to the train station near the border checkpoint, he catches a bus to the Singapore exit point. Leaving the bus, he goes upstairs & gets his passport stamped to say he is leaving Singapore. Boarding another bus, he crosses the causeway by road & ends up on the Malaysian side. Leaving the bus again, he goes upstairs to the Malay entry point for another passport stamp. The process is repeated on the way back to Singapore.

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