Erk Pod 511 – Erk’s Pacamerican Circle Day 48 (Aomori)

Erk 0 Aomori Brrrr[bq_left]Erk Pod 511 – Erk’s Pacamerican Circle Day 48 (Aomori)[/bq_left]












Welcome to Erk Pod episode 511. Erk has arrived in Shin-Aomori north of Tokyo. Erk knew he was north of Tokyo but did not know until he asked the local tourist bureau that he in fact 713 rail kilometres north of Tokyo. Unlike the milder weather in Tokyo where snow is no longer falling, it is snowing hard in Shin-Aomori & nearby Aomori which is the downtown area served by the Shinkansens. One thing that Erk soon noticed way north of Tokyo was that English has basically disappeared. Erk explores the small local train system and the downtown area.

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