Erk Pod 500 – Erk’s Pacamerican Circle – A SLO Experience

SLO Photobomb[bq_left]Erk Pod 500 – Erk’s Pacamerican Circle – A SLO Experience[/bq_left]










Welcome to Erk Pod episode 500. It is a milestone episode & 500 doesn’t come around very often. Erk Pod started as a podcast in May 2007. Not that he knew how far he would get with his original podcast (ie Erk Pod), who would have thought that in August 2014, you’d be listening to episode 500 (recorded February 2014).


It was not planned that Erk Pod episode 500 would be recorded in San Luis Obispo with his good friends Shawno & Jen but that is the way it worked out. The three of us met via the interweb & the Erk Pod Round Tables in mid 2008 & met for the first time in person in 2009. Then there were meetings in 2013 & now 2014.


The episode was a long one covering a lot of Erk’s time in SLO but it was a great time hanging out and catching the slightly infamous SLO Transit double decker bus, eating (often) at Dennys, occasionally at Applebees & a lot more.


There are many people who have played a part in Erk Pod – some of you are still here & some of you have gone. But whatever. Regardless of if you read this or not, thank you.

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