Blast From The Past 23 – What Ticks Me Off!

Welcome to episode 23 of Blast From The Past. This episodes looks at some of Judy’s frustrations while Erk was in the US as well as what irked Erk about being in the US. We announce the first episode of Judy’s new music podcast “Judy’s Blast FM” as well as playing a new Channel Erk promo.


Music in this episode is by Devo Spice of The FuMP and is called “Getting Old Sucks.” This is the first time for the new segment “What Ticks Me Off”. What part of the song should we use as the theme for “What Ticks Me Off” (about 20-30 seconds)?


Let us know! On next week’s episode, we look at games that children played prior to the arrival of TV. What games did you play as a child instead of watching TV? Let us know via emailing before the next show and we’ll include it in the episode!


  1. I’m taking a guess. But I’d say that the reason that mobiles are charged for incoming and outgoing calls is because, back in the early days of cell phones, the cell phone carrier companies told everyone that their charges were based on airtime instead of call origination. So, as long as a customer’s mobile phone was in the act of transmitting a call, the phone’s owner would wind up having to pay for the airtime. Considering how much cheaper it is now to use a cell phone than it was, say ten to twelve years ago, I don’t think anyone cares about this somewhat dubious practice.

    As someone who’s spent a lot of time helping others with computer problems, a trend I’ve noticed is that many people get super anxious whenever there’s a problem with a computer. There seems to be something instinctual inside of us that tells us that, one errant keystroke will cause the computer to burst into flames. And that’s just not true. The biggest piece of advice I could give to anyone who’s learning how to use a computer is, if you get stuck, try and restart the thing. You won’t destroy it. You’ll need at least TWO errant keystrokes to do that.

  2. That’s a really funny song by The FUMP. I’m pretty sure I’ve used some of their songs on my Inside My Head podcast before. And as far as “What Ticks Me Off”, well, that’s most of my Haiku of Frustration right there. I expect I will greatly enjoy this segment of the Blast From The Past show. 😀

    I agree, Judy, the Twitter spam is annoying, especially the Twitter sexual spam, from the bots. I block them.

    I think the reason why the workers at McDonalds didn’t quite understand your accent, Erk, is because many of them speak Spanish as a first language. If they barely understood the English we speak over here, and your accent is different from that… well, there’s where the confusion is coming from. There have been times I have gone to McDonalds and just spoke Spanish, and it worked out just fine. Now, if somebody was speaking Spanish to me with, say, a Guatemalan accent, or anything other than Mexican… I’d be just as confused.

    Again, what is a “Frodo Frog?” or is it “Fredo Frog?”

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