On The Rails With Erk 008 – Passengering With Erk

IMG_2465[bq_left]On The Rails With Erk 008 – Passengering With Erk[/bq_left]










Welcome to episode 8 of On The Rails With Erk. On this episode, Erk has a confession, an apology, a question & a preview of 2014. On this episode, Erk’s question has more to do with where Erk can sit if he is on duty but not driving his train. The process is often referred to as “travelling passenger” & Erk explains what he could be doing instead of driving the train. There are several reasons why this could happen & Erk has several reasons for travelling how he does if he is not in charge of his train.


Erk is going to have a big 2014 of travel & you can come for a ride. Erk will be travelling on the rail systems of San Francisco, Portland, Miami, Atlanta & Chicago (US) during January & February 2014. On his way home, Erk returns home via Asia & will ride the rails of Japan & Singapore. Returning home briefly, then Erk flies to the other side of Australia (Perth) in March. Then comes a trip to England via the UAE & (possibly) Europe in June 2014. 

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