Erk Pod 445 – Erk’s Premature Picnic Day

Erk at M4 EB at A9 number 1 August 2013[bq_left]Erk Pod 445 – Erk’s Premature Picnic Day[/bq_left]









Welcome to Erk Pod episode 445. This episode was recorded in Erk’s car. He gives you an update about Wet n Wild, his annual picnic at his Place of Employment & more. As it turns out, Erk got the date mixed up & the picnic day for him was actually the following week as the episode was recorded. He talks about his new camera & how good it is to be able to upload to the interweb directly from the camera.


On the way home, Erk goes for a detour due to bridgework & talks about some small things that Erk found amusing. You’ll also find out why Erk doesn’t buy newspapers any more or follow many sporting competitions.


Mid-episode song is Jetplane by Aimee Francis.

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