Erk Pod 438 – Vegan Of Liberty & Freedom

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Welcome to Erk Pod episode 438. Recorded from the Channel Erk studio in mid October 2013, it is the first Erk Pod episode in recent memory not featuring Erk in travel mode. It was a strange way to start an episode.  Erk was preparing an episode of Erk FM: Metal Monday. He had found a game called Ikea Or Death that he was looking to play with a band member & chat about what they are doing & play some music. With Ikea or death, you are given a name & have to determine if it is the name of an item you would buy at Ikea or is the name of a death metal band.


But in the meantime, Erk saw a discussion on Twitter about music between Dr Normal & Robert Wagner, both based in Portland OR. Both men made an appearance on Erk Pod during Erk’s 2013 trip. Erk weighed into this conversation, linking to a film clip from an Australian comedy group (The D Generation). So Erk & Dr Normal had a chat via Twitter then on G+. After an unrecorded conversation lasting 90 minutes while we were catching up, we decided to record the conversation which is this episode.


It was a wide ranging conversation that Erk would love to ask some of the same questions to Shawno & Tiggr in particular. We started talking about the current US Government shutdown where many US government services are shutdown to save money.  We then moved onto talking about the Statue of Liberty, Dr Normal’s status as a newly minted vegan, various things internet, 9/11 & more.


For the record, Erk & Dr Normal never did play Ikea or Death together. Erk later played solo on episode 107 of Erk FM: Metal Monday & scored 70%.

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  1. Excellent chat with Doc Normal.

    I’ve got a lot of respect for vegetarians and vegans. Well, the non-militant ones, at least. I’m not one of them but I dig the philosophy behind the lifestyle.

    And I think a better question to ask isn’t, what would’ve happened if 9/11 occurred now instead of 2001, but what would’ve happened if Al Gore had been elected president in 2000 and not G.W. Bush. One thing’s for sure. if it had President Gore and not Bush, there would’ve never been an Irag war. Yeah, 9/11 probably still would’ve happened. But the U.S. response to it would’ve been measured and cooperative. Not empirical and unilateral.

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