Erk To The Diary Room 20 – Back To The Block

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Welcome to episode 20 of Erk To The Diary Room. Erk is in Melbourne for his birthday & visits the location of Channel 9’s The Block: Sky High & chats about other TV shows he has been watching. He also goes to a Melbourne landmark for a visit.  There is a bit of a crossover between the latter part of this episode of Erk To The Diary Room & Erk’s travel podcast Erk Pod. Erk had not finished releasing Erk Pod episodes from his trip to America in January/February 2013 so featuring content from August 2013 on Erk Pod in the middle of the American content would have been strange.


You’ll hear the Melbourne comedy earworm that Erk had stuck in his head (see the shownotes for the video) & a lot lot more.


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  1. Here in the States, TLC is supposed to stand for “The Learning Channel.” Not that it’s been much about actual learning-type shows for quite some time, tho.

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