Erk FM: International 407 – Soundtrax To Recovery

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Welcome to Erk FM: International episode 407. On this episode, Erk presents an album entitled Soundtrax To Recovery. Featuring John Batdorf (who has been featured on Erk FM: International before) & Michael McLean, this album is aimed at anyone recovering from anything – after all, many people are recovering from many different types of event. But even if you’re not recovering from something or know someone who is, relax during this busy time of year & enjoy some tunes!


All music supplied by AirPlay Direct.


Song list:

  • Ain’t Dead Yet
  • I Don’t Always Win
  • It’s Not Heavy
  • Still Burn Bright In My Heart
  • Won’t Go Down That Road Again
  • Look Inside
  • A Case Of Treason
  • Forgiveness
  • Heaven Help Me
  • This Time
  • I’m Changed
  • Let It Go
  • Mama’s Comin’ Home Tonight
  • If You Could See Me Now
  • One Of The Lucky Ones
  • I Will Not Be Afraid
  • Can You Hear Me (I’m The One Who Cares)

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