Erk FM: Australia 408 – Phoning Home The Beats & Breaking The Rules

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Welcome to Erk FM: Australia episode 408. On this episode, Erk decides to go down a different path in his musical journey of discovery & knocked on the front door of Sydney electronica artist Phon (not literally, of course!) courtesy of Jamendo. Phon’s album BrainDance was released in 2012 & is a staggering 61 tracks long. This perfectly illustrates how easy it seems to produce music & put it on line. Electronica is not normally a genre that Erk plays for a whole show. Erk normally doesn’t feature 61 tracks on an episode. Erk normally doesn’t feature a musician that he knows nothing about.


Consider those 3 rules broken on Erk’s musical journey of discovery … oops make that 4 …. Erk isn’t going to type the names of 61 songs by the same artist! Actually, make that 5 broken rules. 34 songs took it to over the 2 hour point – more next week!

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