Erk FM: Australia 394 – Up The Road Less Arped With Alex

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Welcome to Erk FM: Australia episode 394. On this episode, Erk features two artists/bands have that have sent new music to Erk recently. For one reason or another, Erk has not seen either live for some time for one reason or another but both have been very busy – as has Erk!


The episode opens with KANG have been working on new material including their latest track, Alex. KANG have also been playing with other bands in Sydney in an effort to build a bigger punk music community. 


Appearing on the episode after KANG is Fronz Arp.  Originally from Brisbane, Erk & Fronz met up when they were both living in Sydney. Returning home to Brisbane, Fronz has been living & performing for some time in New York. Soon, however, he will be returning to Australia.


All music supplied directly by the artists.


Song list:

  • Prologue – KANG (direct)
  • Induction – KANG (direct)
  • Alex – KANG (direct)
  • Rockabilly – KANG (direct)
  • Distress – KANG (direct)
  • Hotel California – KANG (direct)
  • Designer Children – Fronz Arp (direct)
  • Death Of Television – Fronz Arp (direct)
  • Freaks Freaks Freaks – Fronz Arp (direct)
  • What Strange Machines – Fronz Arp (direct)
  • When You Wake Up I’ll Be Gone – Fronz Arp (direct)
  • Fire – Fronz Arp (direct)
  • Violet The Killjoy – Fronz Arp (direct)

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