Erk FM: Metal Monday 131 – 70000 Tons Of Metal (Part 5)

70000 Tons Backstage[bq_left]Erk FM: Metal Monday 131 – 70000 Tons Of Metal (Part 5)[/bq_left]










Welcome to Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 131. This is the final week of Erk FM: Metal Monday’s coverage of 2014’s 70000 Tons of Metal. This week’s episode starts with The Entity by Temtris – another song off their newly released album Shallow Grave. Next on the playlist are a couple of metal bands from western Sydney who will be touring Japan in the near future. Tensions Arise (In The Eye Of Fire) were first to announce their visit followed by a more recent announcement from Not Another Sequel Just Another Prequel (What Is Love).


The final track of this episode was obtained onbroad 70000 Tons of Metal & was the only CD that Erk left the ship with at the end of the cruise. Erk bumped into a member of Bulletbelt while on the ship & it was great to hear a Kiwi accent. The song featured is the title track Down In The Cold Of The Grave. 

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