Erk FM: Metal Monday 125 – Blasting The Italian Metal

Erk 70k[bq_left]Erk FM: Metal Monday 125 – Blasting The Italian Metal[/bq_left]










Welcome to Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 125. On this episode, Erk opens the episode Italian metal band SpellBlast. They started as a power metal band in 1999. They released their first demo in 2004 & their first album in 2006.


Staying in Italy, Highlord were formed in 1996. Originally known as Avatar, they have been prolific producers of albums. In 2012, the band released their seventh album. Their albums have had special tracks for Japanese audiences.


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SpellBlast song list:

  • Goblins’ Song
  • Lost In The Forest
  • In The Name Of Odin
  • Glory To The Gem
  • Sign Of The Unicorns
  • Knights Of Darkness
  • Soliders’ Angels
  • History Of A siege: Heroes
  • Command Charge
  • Ragnarok (Dream Of The End)
  • Battle Cry


Highlord song list:

  • Tonightmare
  • The Goggle Mirror
  • Brothers To The End
  • Inside The Vacuity Circle
  • Standing In The Rain
  • No More Heroes
  • Of Tears And Ryhmes
  • The Warning After
  • In This Wicked World
  • Arcade Warriors

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