Erk FM: Metal Monday 123 – Shut The Front Gate, Punk!

Erk Bigsound 2013 Media September 2013[bq_left]Erk FM: Metal Monday 123 – Shut The Front Gate, Punk![/bq_left]













Welcome to Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 123. For something different, Erk features some punk. Sometimes the line between punk & hard rock is blurred. The episode starts with a couple of Australian artists before heading overseas for some Canadian tunes from Burning The Day. 


All music supplied by AirPlay Direct.


Song list:

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  1. Alien Zoo have also been played on Erk FM Classic as well as Erk FM:Australia. (Yeah, I could’ve waited until tomorrow to tell you this in person but I’m not sure I’d remember by then.)

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