Erk FM: Metal Monday 115 – Commanding The Rebel Crow

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Welcome to Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 115. On this episode, Erk features 3 different bands. The first band is Denmark band Saint Rebel. You might want to describe them as part angel, part devil. The second band is German band Crow7 who describe their music as ProMeRo (Progressive Metal Rock). Finally, Norway’s Commander In Chief concludes the episode, being described as the Norwegian Queen Of Shred.


All music supplied by AirPlay Direct.


Saint Rebel song list:

  • Earthquake Shakes Me Down
  • Once We Were Two
  • I’d Rather Be A Narcississist
  • Sell My Soul
  • Show Me The Way


Crow7 song list:

  • Light In My Dungeon
  • Heal Your Wounds
  • Deadly Crime
  • On The Lane
  • Watch Out The Claws
  • Name The Liar
  • Wall Around My Heart
  • Number Of Life
  • Rumours Ground
  • Who’ll Save Us Now
  • Water Into Wine
  • Out


Commander In Chief song list:

  • I Am The Commander In Chief
  • Evolution
  • Famous
  • Dropout
  • Let It Go
  • Thou
  • You’re So Crazy
  • Battle For The Mind
  • Illusions Are Dying
  • Paranoid

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