Erk FM: Metal Monday 108 – Death Or Die Trying!

Erk No Posters Please September 2013[bq_left]Erk FM: Metal Monday 108 – Death Or Die Trying![/bq_left]










Welcome to Erk FM: Metal Monday episode 108. Erk decided to keep the death metal theme going from last week’s episode with music courtesy of AirPlay Direct. Erk hasn’t heard a progress report from Ro or Shawno with their results from Ikea or Death yet but at least they are alive!


Speaking of Shawno, he did some research about a certain German band & how to pronounce their name. He wrote: “Google Translate says that the band name Die Apokalyptischen Reiter means “The Horsemen of the Apocalypse” in English. This doesn’t make it any easier to pronounce in German, tho.” 


Song list (all times approximate): 

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  1. I think I did OK with Ikea or Death, tho I don’t recall my actual score. And I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pronounce that one particular German band’s name in German. Americanese only please, bro.

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