Erk FM: International 383 – Bigsound 2013 (Canadian Blast Live)

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Welcome to Erk FM: International 383. This episode was recorded live on location at various venues on night 1 of Bigsound Live. Bigsound 2013 was a conference/showcase in Brisbane in mid September. Bringing together a range of musicians & music industry people from Australia and beyond), it was an exciting conference for Erk FM. It was a great way to meet people that I have only spoken to online and/or heard online via this podcast. There were days of conference sessions that I did not attend as well as 2 nights of live music across 12 venues in Fortitude Valley. As you’ll hear on this episode, there was a large Canadian presence at Bigsound including a showcase called Canadian Blast. With the exception of one band, music on this episode was recorded at Canadian Blast.


As you might be able to imagine, I was in podcasting & music heaven. However, I was (obviously) unable to cover the entire event because there’s only so much one person (me!) can do.


A very big thank you to Stephen, Andrew & Sarah from SGC Media for arranging these interviews & my media accreditation. Interviews from the event can be heard on Erk FM: Australia episode 382.


There are episodes recorded live on location featuring live tracks (Erk FM: International 383 & Erk FM: Australia 384 & 386 as well as studio tracks (Erk FM: International episode 385 & Erk FM: Australia 388, 390). Studio tracks from bands on this episode will feature on Erk FM: International episode 3385.


If all this Canadian music isn’t enough for you, also listen to Insomnia Radio: Canada featuring the best new Canadian music that you may never have heard. 


Band list (all tracks recorded live by Erk):

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