Erk Pod 431 – An Afternoon At The Aquarium

PDX Tower[bq_left]Erk Pod 431 – An Afternoon At The Aquarium [/bq_left]












Welcome to episode 431 of Erk Pod! And for once in this American series,  Erk is sure about the episode number because he recorded the intro in the Channel Erk studio! On this episode, you will be able to hear Erk, Dr Normal & Robin Police on a internet radio program called An Afternoon At The Aquarium in Portland, OR. A program of The House Of Sound, the station provides a local alternative to commercial radio – pretty much like Channel Erk does except the station is based around streaming live audio.  During the show, Erk talks about his trips to the US in 2009 & 2013, talks some news & also chats about 70000 Tons Of Metal.


Thank you to Dr Normal for allowing me to use the audio from the episode. Unfortunately, the show is no more. 

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  1. Too bad that the Doc Normal show is over. Especially since I just found it after you were a guest. Oh, well. Hopefully he’ll have a new podcast in the future.

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